About us

Who are we?

We are a couple of brothers behind High Noon Saloon. We opened this small cafe with the absolute focus of broadening peoples expectations of and drinking better coffee.

Charles has been making coffee since 2005. During his 15 year coffee career he has run the Australian barista academy, Organised, judged and won the state barista Championships (all in different years obviously), qualified as a Q grader (The highest coffee tasting qualification in the world) judged the Cup of excellence competitions in both Burundi and Rwanda, consulted for cafes and coffee roastaries in Australia and abroad. Not to mention roasting and serving coffee on the frontline.

Matthew is the brains in this operation. Having enjoyed a stint behind a coffee machine in the mid 2000s, he went on to pursue his dream of becoming a chartered accountant. After qualifying as a CA and working in corporate finance for awhile he hung up his suit to open the lads' first cafe, Howdy.

What do we do? 

We run High Noon Saloon, a small cafe in Claremont WA. We serve only single origin coffees from the best coffee roasters from around the world. And now, we bring you High Noon Coffee online, a portal to access these coffees for brewing at home.

But why?

Well, glad you asked. Over the last 10-15 years, coffee has experienced a revolution, you may have heard reference to third wave coffee or specialty coffee. When it kicked off, a gap started to form between good coffee and undrinkable coffee. Right now, there are more coffee roasters claiming to roast specialty coffee than ever before, and many of them are. Unfortunately, 'Specialty coffee' is a pretty loose term and leaves plenty of room for disappointment. Fortunately, we are here for you. Our experience and impeccable allows us to curate a selection of coffees we know you'll love.

Please, tell me more..

If you want to know more (Totally understandable, coffee is amazing and a subject we could talk about for days). Reach out to us via our contact us page or social media.